Serena Sterling, MA, PsyD, holds a master’s in International Journalism, a doctorate in clinical psychology, and is a certified¬†Life Coach. As a journalist in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, London and New York City, Dr. Sterling wrote about health-related articles. Due to her own experience of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome and finding ways to alleviate her own chronic pain from years of living with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. Sterling pursued a degree in clinical psychology and learned advanced stress reduction techniques to assist others in overcoming their own health challenges.

She started her coaching practice in 2008 and has had offices in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. She works with people from all over the world via remote sessions and consults with physical therapists and chiropractors and sees clients at the offices of those providers.

Dr. Sterling is also a speaker and gives talks to other doctors on understanding how repressed emotions can cause chronic pain, inhibit athletes from recovering from injuries, and how identifying and releasing those emotions alleviates pain levels and improves health and performance.

What doesn't get expressed gets repressed and causes chronic pain