The reason I do what I do stems from my own experience with chronic pain and fatigue. Soon after earning a Master’s in International Journalism in London, I landed my dream job as an editor at Spirituality & Health magazine in New York City.

Three weeks into this new position I find myself on the subway. It’s absolutely crawling and I’m getting agitated that I’m going to be really late. Finally, it arrives at Wall Street Station but just sits there. The doors don’t open but smoke and ash fill the train and we’re told to head towards the rear.

It’s a complete whiteout when we finally evacuate and reach the street. I can’t see more than five feet in front of me. Only minutes earlier and three blocks away, the South Tower of the World Trade Center had collapsed.

As the shock and PTSD envelop me during my five-mile walk back to my apartment, and for the five months that I work from home, my body shuts down. Sleep feels better than being awake; I lose my drive and focus; and my joints ache.

Fatigue takes over my life and my MD diagnoses me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but then tells me there’s nothing I can do about it. I would need to cope with it for the rest of my life. Not ready to resign myself to this fate, I find a doctor who can help me.

She tests my muscles while I think of the fatigue. I find myself remembering memories I haven’t thought of for years. I leave feeling one hundred times better than when I arrived.

The various mind body techniques my doctor did with me got me better in 3 WEEKS! It allowed me to have more energy, less pain, and more happiness despite living through the aftermath of September 11th. I didn’t have to take medications or talk about my feelings for weeks, months, or years on end.

I felt so much relief and was so impressed with my results that I dedicated myself to earning a master’s and a doctorate in clinical psychology so that I could learn these techniques and help others resolve similar issues.

After earning thousands of hours of clinical experience I found myself frustrated with how long it took my patients to feel better using talk therapy. I value its application and there are times when therapy is most appropriate. But how I’m different is that I use my education and training in clinical psychology to inform my decisions and coach people to focus on their goals, and I hold them accountable in achieving them. I then use advanced mind body healing methods to uncover what gets in their way of reaching those goals.

It’s fast, the results are immediate, and profound results are often reported.

Schedule an appointment today to identify the root cause of your issue and get back to your life with more ease, happiness, and passion.

For information on my education, clinical experience, and training:

“Serena approaches her work with a kindness and compassion that made me feel very comfortable, and at ease. She is trustworthy and professional, and offered me guidance and support during a very difficult time in my life. I will always be grateful for her help and skill.”

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